Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast is my hero!

Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast is my hero!
The most important email I received today was regarding the story of the Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker having a conversation with a person, Ian Murphy, pretending to be Right-Wing Billionaire David Koch, who inherited his fathers' massive oil and chemical business and who has an agenda to destroy the Middle Class who made this country great.
There is no logical reason for the title of this post, except that ever since I was a child I was on the side of the underdog.  In this case, the underdog is every person in this country who has ever earned a paycheck. 

What the transcript of the conversation between Scott Walker and his fake benefactor, David Koch revealed is that everything the "Liberal Left" thought was going on was actually going on.  Surprise! Surprise!

As far as I am concerned, Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast deserves a most prestigious prize for this brilliant work. 

I can barely contain my glee at the exposure of the "vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" that Hillary Clinton talked about in the 90's, is not only alive, but has reached its peak and, just as it is with fruit, the next stage of development is to rot, thereby becoming fertilizer for this country - a therapeutic treatment long overdue.  Such is the fate of any organization that becomes too old and stale and does not redefine and reorganize itself for the greater good is destined to wither away -in this case the Toxic Right-Wing Machine, radical right pimps and prostitutes alike.  Poetic justice.

The Republican Party would be wise to rethink its tired mantra of "Trickle down Economics" that was a proven failure and decide what it stands for in the 21st Century.

After all, you soulless, greedy, narrow-minded dudes, money is not the only thing that talks.

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