Thursday, July 14, 2011

Speaking English in America

I just called a Walgreens to refill a prescription - I think!  However, the pharmacy tech could barely speak English. 

This country does not have to do a thing to become a Third World Country but sit and let non-English speaking immigrants flood our land, workplace and neighborhoods. 

With the miscommunication that must follow this trend, we will soon plunge into chaos, like the frenzied fire ants' after something has touched their mound.  If you've never seen the fire ants attack en masse against a human or animal foot that had the misfortune of stepping on their mound, it is a site to behold, as long as it isn't your foot.  Without military training we value so much, they send out a signal to the troops to immediately advance to the first flesh they find and in unison bite again and again, causing the victim to frantically dance about, wincing, and slapping to kill each individual ant in a futile attempt to make the stinging stop.   Before I learned how to avoid the mounds, I often plunged into the pool so as to drown the vicious, tiny beasts.  Warning:  they continue to bite underwater.

Since I don't speak "fire ant" and they don't speak English, I have learned to stay clear of their mounds, but in the U.S. these days I can't merely "go around" every person with an incomprehensible accent who is in a position to negatively impact my life.  Where are the regulations and standards in hiring?

I am not against immigration.  I am against the proliferation of non-English speaking people infiltrating every aspect of our daily lives with accents and dialects English-speaking people can't understand. 

Are we just going to become a frenetic population of people who can't understand each other, where miscommunication could be costly or even deadly?  Even the fire ants know how to communicate to me that I should not step on their mound.  Should I go bite the pharmacy techs ankle and not let go until she can speak proper English?  If humans are a higher order, shouldn't we be able to fix this problem without waging war against non-English speaking people.  Can we keep them off the phones until their diction is clear?