Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sen. Crapo downed vodka shots before taking the wheel

Sen. Crapo downed vodka shots before taking the wheel (via Raw Story )

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) has admitted to taking “several shots of vodka” before his arrest for driving under the influence in the early morning hours of Sunday, Dec. 23.  According to the Alexandria General District Court documents obtained by the Del Rey Patch, Crapo admitted to police…

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Guide To Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads

A Guide To Consumer Brands Helping Bankroll Right-Wing Attack Ads: pHave you eaten at White Castle recently? Or caught a movie at Regal Cinemas? If so, you may be unwittingly helping finance right-wing attack ads. That’s because many of the country’s most common brands are run by rich conservatives who are using their personal wealth to bankroll outside spending groups that are running attack ads [...]/p

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin Voters Failed Themselves and The Country

Wisconsin voters fell for the lying ads funded by the Koch Brothers to keep Governor Walker in office!  Wisconsin, this recall was about so much more than the actual recall and you fell for the lies.  I have not seen the ads you were exposed to but I am confident that The Koch Brothers, Americans for Prosperity (a misnomer), and Karl Rove funded the false ads.  Wisconsin voters, you voted against your own best interest if you voted to keep Scott Walker and that is your prerogative but I resent that you set the stage for other Radical-Right Wing Republican Governors, like Rick Scott in Florida, to pull off the same hoax on American citizens, (i.e. USE UNLIMITED FUNDS FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THE SINGLE PURPOSE OF CONVINCING UNEDUCATED VOTERS WITH MANIPULATIVE ADS TO FOOL YOU INTO VOTING AGAINST YOURSELVES.  

By merely watching your local news station and not doing your homework about issues beyond your own community, you are essentially putting your head in the sand and I resent that this has a negative impact on my life.  It is time voters did their homework and discovered what sinister, heavily-funded corporations and organizations are doing behind the scenes to see to it that our nation becomes a solid CORPORATOCRACY – which is not in anyone’s best interest – except the 1% (the wealthy)!  IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?  

Frankly, I’d have “Big Government” rather than “Big Oil,” “Big Pharma,” “Big Banks” or “Big Insurance” running this country.  The difference is Big Government is “Of the People, By the People and For the People, whereas the Oil Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Banking Industry, and the Insurance Industry are in existence for ONE THING – TO MAINTAIN ITSELF – BY TAKING FROM YOU TO MAINTAIN ITS PROFITS!  Why is this manipulation by monied interests to gain control of our government and all of us such a hard notion to grasp?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Republican" Redefined, Comments from The Norman Goldman Show

This definition was posted on Facebook and Normal Goldman has requested that we share it.  It is a comprehensive list of what Republicans in general stand for these days.  For whom do you stand?  These writers of legislation whose questionable ideologies effect all of our lives are why it is so important to be well-informed and politically active.
From the Norman Goldman Show

When THEY say there is no "War On Women" - show them THIS! 

-         Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Women Act

-         Every GOP Senator voted AGAINST Al Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment

-         Every GOP member vote FOR Anti-Safe Abortion Legislation

-         Every GOP member vote FOR Blunt/Rubio Anti-Women's Equal Health
          Coverage Amendment. While Blunt/Rubio Amendment does not allow employer
          to deny men employee health coverage for Vasectomy, the Blunt/Rubio
          Amendment allows Employer to deny female employees & female
          dependents: contraception, tubes tied, and hysterectomies.

-          GOP Redefines Rape

-         GOP writes legislation to probe metal prongs up a woman's vagina

-         GOP change legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence
           to "accuser"

-         GOP writes legislation that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides
          abortion care. (South Dakota GOP)

-         GOP writes legislation to cut nearly a billion dollars of aid to low-income
          pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids.

-         GOP writes legislation that would let hospitals allow a woman to die
          rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life.

-         GOP writes law cutting
ALL funding for low-income kids saying "Women
          should really be home with the kids, not out working (

-         GOP Cut Funding for Head Start, by $1 Billion.

-         Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women: GOP write Bill to CUT
          funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.
-         GOP Candidates for President pledge to Cut Funding for Planned

-         GOP voted for an Amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood
          health centers.

-         GOP writes Bill to eliminate all funds for Federal Family Planning Program.

-         GOP write Bill to Provide Contraception for wild horses but ENDS all Federal Funding 

          for Family Planning, including contraception coverage.  Dan Burton (R)

-         GOP Jan Brewer (R- AZ) Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday
          signed one of the most controversial and restrictive abortion bans in the
          country, which experts say effectively bans abortions after 18 weeks and
          declares that a woman could be pregnant 2 weeks before she even had sex.
          States passed 83 laws restricting access to abortion, nearly four times the
          23 laws passed in 2010. A lot of that had to do with the 2010 elections, which
          ushered in a wave of Republican legislators and governors. This year, the
          number of states with fully anti-abortion governments — in which both the
          governor and the legislature oppose abortion rights — increased from 10 to 15.

Got it? Pass it around... post it on your blogs...print it out and pin it to bulletin boards everywhere.”

It is stunning to me that this current crop of Republicans is so delusional.  Stunning.  God help us all.